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Connie Grossi

Obituary of Connie Grossi

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 Our Nonnie had almost 104 years of a life story and today we celebrate a life well lived.  While we lost her physical presence today, we will carry her spirit in our hearts forever. Connie, or as many of us knew her by Nonnie,  was a strong woman with a big heart who never met a person she didn’t like. She was a kind and gentle soul who was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, sibling, grandmother, and great-grandmother to people who adored her.  Her daughter, Barbara, was always by her side.  They were inseparable and did everything together and together they spent time with her grandsons and their families.

Never once did you ever hear her speak ill of anyone and she always looked for the good in a person.  Nonnie never judged, constantly supported, and always made everything ok for all of us.  She was a gem. Her grandsons, Michael & Garry, were her pride and joy and she treated them like her little boys until the day she died.  She was a prankster at times and for all of the teasing and joking she received from her grandsons, she could sure dish it out.  There were times where she made us laugh until we cried. 


Sunday Mass was on her list of priorities as was her family. The holidays always brought out her festive cheer for the occasion.  At Christmas time, she would sit around the dining room table with her family and sing Christmas Carols before she would fill her plate with her favorite desserts.  Nonnie loved being with her family and also loved her grand daughters-in-law, Diane and Jill.  Nonnie especially loved all of the sweet treats that the girls would bake or buy for her throughout the year.  A sweet tooth she had for sure! 


Up until 2018, Nonnie still put in hours at her grandson’s store,  Malzone Tuxedo Shop,  where she would sort out bow-ties, pocket squares, and suspenders while telling stories.  She pleasantly greeted people and friends would always visit her to say hello.  Over the years, she became a part of the daily routine. She and Barbara would enter the store promptly at 11:00 a.m. ready to start the work day.  Nonnie would take her seat in the back of the store, eat her morning crumb bun from Verps with a cup of coffee and then proceed to force feed her 50 something year old  grandson. This took place everyday. 


She would sit with her great-grandchildren Andrew, Mia, Michael, and Nicholas and tell stories of when she grew up as well as the trials and tribulations of living through the Great Depression and the hardships that fell upon people.  She would say, “Those were good times when people helped one another...everybody was poor, so we didn’t know the difference. Everybody should always help one another.”  She taught all of us valuable life lessons.

Nonnie was a blessing to her great-grandchildren and taught them about love, kindness, and patience. In her eighties, Nonnie helped take care of Andrew and Mia when they were toddlers with the love and patience of a saint.  Andrew loved stop signs. During every stroller outing, Nonnie would stop at every red stop sign in town, and make him spell it out. Oh, there were many adventures during those years! Mia, on the other hand, would have her hair brushed for hours while listening to Nonnie’s very vivid life stories.  She called on Mia until the very end. 


Nonnie celebrated all of our milestones in life and was so proud of her family.  She always brought light into a dark room. With her love and guidance we are all better people. If anyone was guaranteed entrance to heaven, it was Nonnie.  She lived life according to our heavenly father and we are certain that the angels brought her directly to heaven to meet her loved ones.  The memory of a good person is a blessing and Nonnie's memory lives in all of our good thoughts and good deeds.  May you rest in eternal peace, our beloved Nonnie.


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